Protect Your Family

Therma-Phone™ Heat Paks (set of 15)


A set of 15 disposable Therma-Phone™ Heat Paks boost survival case performance to keep your phone warm during the coldest of cold days. Therma-Phone™ Heat Paks are specially designed to work with the Therma-Phone™ medium and large survival kits.
*** Heat Paks are not normally required for everyday use. Experiment to understand what works best for your phone and outdoor conditions. For the extreme enthusiast, consider storing a set in the case pockets to have in an emergency. ***

We use only high capacity, long lasting disposable heat packs sized to fit directly into the Therma-Phone Protector™ to ensure your phone maintains optimum temperature even with the coldest extremes. Each Heat Pak contains two (2) disposable heat sources that are used together for maximum effect and protect your phone for up to 8 hours @ -1⁰F.