Protect Your Family

“The case helped maintain over a 90% charge despite multiple uses and temp below zero.  On Sunday the dispatch hut temp was -32 and the pack has kept me going.  Nice product.  Others have agreed as I showed it off.”               - J.A. from Bretton Woods Ski Resort

"I gotta tell you I love this case...! It is a godsend. Was able to go the full day with music. Thank you so much...!!!" - snow rider.

"The best phone case I ever owned! Function and fashion in one. Protects from drops, cold, heat, sand at the beach and it still fit my phone after I upgraded to the latest iPhone."

"We have some wicked cold days in Alaska. I need my phone working just in case. I won't go outside without it now."

“Weather here in Mexico is good…nice and hot! My son’s phone overheated already…Mine was in Therma-Phone…doing great in direct sun!”                 - MCR from Puerto Vallarta Mexico


“…had 83% battery at the end of a long day on the ice.  I used my phone too, so I'd expect my battery to go down.”       - N.S. on one of Vermont’s coldest days of the year (-13F in the morning to 20F)

“I sat at the beach all day with 90s for temperature. No overheat problem with my phone and I was able to use it when I needed. I also liked the soft pouch that kept out the sand and protected the screen from scratches when stuffed into my beach bag."         - SMA at the ocean in Cancun

“I keep one in my snowmobile gear and place my phone in it when I head out. I've been stuck out on the trails before with no way to call for help. Now I don't worry."            - JCH, RidgeRunner club

This is a snapshot of my hunting gear with my Therma-Phone. Jeremy