Protect Your Family

After getting stuck a few times with a dead phone we decided to find out what it is that causes our phones to suddenly stop working. After some digging, we found a secret little known to most people – mobile phones such as Apple’s iPhone 8 and X are designed to operate within certain temperature limits. There is a cap on the maximum operating temperature and anyone who has seen the warning “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it!” understands that until you take it out from the sun or away from the heat source it will not turn on. There is also a minimum operating temperature but in this case, dropping below the temperature will not show a warning. Instead, the battery life will drop dramatically until the phone is dead.

Most importantly, normal use of the phone can place it outside the manufacturers operating specification! For example, the operating specification for an iPhone is from 32° to 95° F. The phone can easily exceed these limits during a day at the mountain or a day at the beach. 

The chart below shows what happens when a phone is subjected to the cold with and without Therma-Phone™ protection. Without Therma-Phone™ protection, the phone went dead after only 40 minutes. With a Therma-Phone™ case for protection, the phone survived 7.5 full hours!

Therma-PhoneCases  are a sophisticated, yet compact and flexible system consisting of multi-functional layers of highly specialized materials engineered to make a thermally stable zone around a mobile phone. It’s similar to placing your phone into a tiny soft portable thermally protected space like a thermos. Heat generated inside is retained when needed while external heat is reflected when needed.

Therma-Phone Case allows your phone to be placed in an outside pocket on your jacket where it is easy to access or stored safely in a backpack.