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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why do mobile phones need protection? Most modern electronics are designed for “normal use” – they should be kept dry and between ~32F and 95F. That is why they fail when they fall into the water or when moisture condenses on them or they shut down when they get too cold or too hot.

2. What could happen to my phone if exposed to extreme temperatures?

·       The phone will stop working or not turn on - and it seems to happen especially when you need it most.

·       Under cold temperatures, the display which is composed of layers of glass with a digitizer and an LED light source can break, crack or delaminate.

·       When a cold phone is brought inside a warm environment, moisture can condense on the inside of the phone and short circuit the electronics or fog the camera lens.

·       The battery will not hold a charge if it sees too many hot or cold cycles. In our testing, the battery life would be cut in half when it saw too many cycles. (We ruined many phones in our testing).

3. How long will my phone run when using a Therma-Phone Protector?

It depends on several factors, but for maximum run time a fully charged battery is a good start. Test data shows up to 8 hours of phone survival at -1 degree Fahrenheit. Overall we have seen phone life extended by 5x-10x longer at temperature extremes because of Therma-Phone - a solid engineering safety margin.

4. How does a Therma-Phone™ Protector work? The soft cases are like a space suit for your technical gear. They are engineered to withstand extreme temperature conditions and are packed with layers of multi-functional materials that create a soft thermos-like protection for whatever is inside. It helps isolate the contents inside from the environment outside. The soft pouch also protects the phone from scratches and when dropped.

5. Why not just use a spare battery when my phone dies? An overheated or frozen spare battery will not work properly either. Besides, the problem is not just that the battery in the phone is too hot or too cold but it certainly has a big impact. The entire electronics are outside the proper temperature and many phones will not turn on until the temperature comes back within range.

6. Does it work only in the cold winter? No, the protection works in the heat and sun of summer just like the cold of winter. The classic outer fabric is designed to reflect the sun and can be used as a signal mirror as well.

7. Are the Protectors waterproof? There is a barrier layer inside the pouch that will delay water from passing to the phone inside but the pouches are not waterproof. However, when used properly they do inhibit condensation from forming on the inside and outside of your phone which is absolutely critical.

8. Where are they made? Therma-Phone™ Protectors are handcrafted in right in Vermont from U.S. and other sourced materials. We try to use as much made in the USA content as possible, currently around 70%, and we are working to find USA sources for some of our special materials. Additionally, we source our printed material from certified sustainable forests.

9. What size Protector will I need? Therma-Phone™ Protectors are universally sized. The medium version will fit all smartphones and note-sized devices with normal cases.

10. Why have a “large” sized version? Therma-Phone Protectors can be used to protect all types of electronic devices such spare battery phone chargers, glucose monitors, MP3 players and GPS units. There are some bulky or large cases for smartphones or note-sized phones that might need a larger pouch.